Our Story

We had never imagined that the dream of the Eco Lodge could be achieved so quickly.n with an idea of Tom, a young architect with original and ambitious ideas, which has always wished to have a place in his image, where friends who came to visit him in Mancora could stay. A place where riders and sports lovers of all kinds could stay, a place to relax at any time, a place to meet and exchange around the pool or a natural breakfast, a place where you feel at home.

Little by little, the idea took shape and became reality. Today, the idea of this place has evolved into a small lodge with a family atmosphere, where every guest becomes a friend at the end of his stay.

The Eco Lodge is part of a movement of responsible tourism and was built in an eco-friendly way, with a particular architecture whereby the balance between respect for nature and the well being of our guests has been preserved. The materials used are natural, recycled and local, and the construction techniques were borrowed from local and traditional techniques before being modernized. Thus, the walls of the lodge are erected and coated with soil mixed with donkey droppings. In addition, the energy consumption is controlled and social commitment is present through a close collaboration with local people to operate the Lodge, the activities and our boutique.